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  • Hello all,

    My name is "Vinney" & I came down with a post viral infection way back in 2011, which was later diagnosed as CFS a year or so ago. I am a 56 year old male who lives in Melbourne Victoria on my own with great support from family & friends.

    The hardest part about CFS is having to accept leaving your old life which was pretty good & moving on to a much more difficult & challenging life now.

    Remaining positive even on those bloody bad brain fog days when you cannot even think properly is key to recovery. I tell myself to get through today & look to tomorrow which usually is better.

    That's all for now as I need to meditate to recharge my brain & body.



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    Welcome to the forum @Vinney 🙂 We hope that it can help you find a sense of community with other ME/CFSers 🙂

  • @Vinney Hi Vinney, pleased to meet you.

  • Hi, Vinney, Please to meet you!

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