Overarching approaches to managing ME/CFS

  • @PaulB You're a marvel. Love the slide format ... so simple in conveying the messages ... πŸ€“

  • @crashdummy I love the idea of a quarterly summary. I wish I'd thought of breaking it down that way when I started manually entering all my data into spreadsheets! I got to the one year mark then gave up. That said, I gained a lot of insight from a years worth of data in a spreadsheet. It would be interesting to have it broken down by month so I could see the progression of symptoms over time but unfortunately I didn't do it that way... Ah well, lessons learnt for next time.

  • @river If you are using spreadsheets, can they be set up to display the data in a graph or pie chart. I used spreadsheets (antique version software) You would have to set the formula /sum to reflect the type of data analysis you want. Mind boggling for me ... I still struggle using technology and understanding it.πŸ€“

  • @crashdummy yep, that's what I do πŸ™‚ but my notes are originally handwritten because I just prefer that day to day... So I have to transcribe them all onto the computer which is super time consuming 😩

  • @PaulB Hi Paul...quick question...you made reference to a CFS focused clinic with a "specialist"....do these exist now? Struggling to find someone who "specialises"!! Thanks, Carolyn

  • @Carolyn26 said in Overarching approaches to managing ME/CFS:

    @PaulB Hi Paul...quick question...you made reference to a CFS focused clinic with a "specialist"....do these exist now? Struggling to find someone who "specialises"!! Thanks, Carolyn

    Hi Carolyn,

    they do exist. The one I visited was a group of GPs and allied health professionals several of who specialised in CFS. Back in the late 90s early 00s this was combined with an alternate flavour - but I am immensely grateful that they focused on CFS, and if there was some acupuncture too, fine πŸ˜‰

    I went to one in a major city in Australia - we're not allowed to post names here - but anyone can message me if they like.
    I was very lucky - even back around 2000 there was a 2 year wait to get on the books. But you never know your luck.

    All the best!

  • Hi Paul...thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I'm very grateful for the info and will look into it. Best part is they are in Sydney...i'm in the Southern Highlands so do-able (on a good day!!). Thanks again, take care

  • This post is deleted!

  • Note from Admin to say.. no-one has done anything wrong (for definite!) but we've realised we missed something off the community guidance about discussing specific clinics as that is a kind of identifying information about individuals (although admittedly one step removed).

    While we review the guidance on this can we ask that we don't have any more comments. The logic is that positivity is good.. but if we have public posts with positivity about some clinics other clinics could say we're promoting some and not others.. and it's quite tempting for other people to chip in and share negative experiences.. and then we have a situation 😧

    It's totally fine to discuss experiences with each other in the chat functionality so it could be that you would say, 'I had a good experience in a clinic in Sydney and would be happy to share details with you in a private message'.. or it could be that we put any clinic discussion in the closed part of the forum. Probably the former though. Also very open to your thoughts as a community on how to manage this! Thanks!

  • @EmergeAustralia I think there also needs to be specific rules about naming doctors/health professionals, not just clinics.

  • Thanks @river I think that's already on the guidance in terms of not identifying individuals but I agree that the whole section needs to be clearer. We'll get onto it. πŸ™‚

  • @EmergeAustralia Good point. I have to admit I hadn't considered naming clinics as being seen as promotion or too close to individual identification but definitely can see your point, thanks for letting us know. I guess my only concern with private messaging is that so many of us struggle to find doctors with sympathy or understanding of this condition that being able to let others know (particularly those new to this) of any good experiences could be very beneficial on a community level (whereas private messaging only provides information to the individual). I guess in that sense I'd be inclined to want to ask for this to be permitted in the closed part of the forum but I can understand why this too might be an issue. I don't necessarily have a good solution, sorry, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts. In the end happy to go with whatever the final recommendation and guidelines are πŸ™‚

  • Totally happy to answer that @Katt! The issue with sharing places where you've had a positive experience is that it is such an individual - and subjective - thing.

    For many years Emerge Australia did specifically ask the community to share their thoughts and then offered those perspectives to others (with a disclaimer).

    One example of a negative outcome is where a doctor had no actual expertise at all - they were just kind and sympathetic. A patient had shared because - from their perspective - if someone else is in XX location it might be worth telling them that XX doctor is super sympathetic and friendly. However, what actually happened is, because this was a public document, other people had driven hundreds of miles and ended up as a new patient with a doctor who they thought was 'recommended as a good doctor for ME/CFS patients' and were then totally disappointed. The doctor was unhappy, the patient was harmed because they drove for miles and everyone was mis-served.

    We also often had complaints about doctors on the list so, for every three patients who had a great experience, there might be one - or five - negative experiences. And, if you feel that you or a loved one has been harmed by a doctor you will - quite reasonably - feel that it's a public service or moral requirement to protect other people from that happening to them.

    It very quickly gets very very complicated. Much easier for us to encourage one on one conversations where people can talk, discuss and judge for themselves whether it sounds like a fit for them. This is the main 'gold' from this forum I think. You can, with a fair degree of anonymity, have a chat with someone and then make your own mind up. As soon as we get into 'I read that so and so is great on the Emerge Australia forum' we're really into that territory of did 'we' recommend them or not? Phew. Apologies for long explanation!

  • @EmergeAustralia ok, I can see what you are saying now. Thanks for taking the time to explain, I really appreciate it! I guess I can agree in that case that chat is likely the better option. Thanks again.

  • I saw a professor of immunology/allergist last week and he is the closest to a specialist for ME/CFS that I have come across. I have a GP that has a special interest in ME/CFS but is not a β€œspecialist β€œ. The Professor has prescribed low dose naltrexone (NDS) so I will see how that goes. Wondering if anyone has tried or has knowledge of this? I googled .....

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    @Looch LDN, or low-dose naltrexone, is a treatment for ME/CFS that is slowly gaining weight. There is some science to support it (research done by the NCNED in Queensland comes to mind, but I think there is some other work as well). However, from what I've seen, it doesn't help everyone, and even those it does help often have some 'adjustment' to it. I might actually start a new thread on LDN (I'll link it here once it's up), as it's well worth it's own thread to focus discussion on (but by all means talk about it here as well πŸ™‚ )

  • @Daffy_Dave I live in QLD and the specialist I saw works with NCNED so is across the research they are doing.

  • @Looch Blooper. LDN not NDS for low
    dose naltrexone 😁

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    @Looch No shame in the occasional blooper πŸ™‚ I find my brain sometimes substitutes what I want to type with another word entirely (often seemingly unrelated!)

    Great to hear your specialist is familiar with the NCNED's work - and best of luck with your LDN - I very much hope it helps (I have heard of stories of almost-full recovery - they're very rare, but fingers and toes crossed that's what happens with you πŸ™‚ )

    I've popped up an LDN thread here: https://community.emerge.org.au/topic/197/low-dose-naltrexone-ldn-for-me-cfs for all that are interested.

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