An interesting 25 year journey

  • Hello, I'm Bill52, a 69 year old man. In 1995 I first I exhibited the symptoms that conform to a ME/CFS diagnosis (or rather would conform, if a decent diagnosis existed). My experience has largely been progressive or regressive, getting worse over the years. I live in inner Melbourne and spend my "energetic" time avoiding housework and making digital photomontages. To date I have managed living successfully alone, but I am unsure how much longer I can keep doing that. I am a low interventionist but would not be if I were a young sufferer.

  • @Bill52 Hi Bill. thumbs up for living alone with ME/CFS. Planning for the future is a topic I would like to see discussed in living with ME/CFS. 🤓

  • Welcome to the forum! Your comments about living alone resonate with me. I'm 43 and although I have a house mate currently, she's saving to buy her own home so in a few years, I'll be on my own. My living situation into the future is something I think about often and worries me a bit. I have NDIS at the moment but I feel like the future of NDIS is so uncertain, who knows what it will look like in 20yrs, whether I'll still be eligible and if the supports will be enough.

  • Hello! 🙂

  • Hi, Bill. Please to meet you!

  • @Coggles77 Sorry for the delay in replying. I understand your apprehension. It adds to the stress. Hopefully things will change for the better for you. Sorry for the lame response but I am happy to share anything. I am lucky to have been largely free of money issues mainly by being cheap to run. Thanks for contacting me.

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