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  • Hello there
    My name is Brodie, I’m 21 and have been living with ME for the better part of 6-7 years.
    ME has taken many things from me. Family, friends, my health, even my memories - I have no memories before 3 years ago.
    My parents and younger brothers have walked this journey with me every step, even when everyone else walked away. I am grateful for them every single day.

    But despite ME:

    I’m studying Accounting and Bookkeeping at TAFE, and am in my 2nd year into my certificate IV. I also started working half a day a week volunteering an in admin office in January of 2020 and have slowly increased from 1 hour to almost 3 hours.
    I’m a photographer and musician, and I’m very grateful that my love of these crafts hasn’t left me so I do have something from the time I don’t remember.
    I’ve learnt lessons about self care, caring for others and how to be a better friend to those whom I know call friends that I would never have learnt (not saying I’m thankful for ME but silver linings yay)

    This may not have been how I saw myself at 21 when I was younger, I know I’m not the brother or young man I wanted to be. But I know this: I may not be well, but I am ok.

    Pleasure to meet you all

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    @Bro2-D2 Welcome Brodie, and it sounds like you've got a very healthy attitude there. Best of luck with your studies 🙂

  • @Bro2-D2 I understand what you mean about silver linings. I have grown a lot as a person because of CFS and I do think I can empathize more with people now than before. In particular I've learnt so much about the disability community that I never would have otherwise, and I really value that.

    It's great that you are able to do some work and study. I can work about 1-2 hours a day but most weeks I don't manage to work every day. I'm glad I finished studying before I got sick because I can't do it now - I love learning so much but I've tried doing a few online courses and get such bad PEM after just a week or so that I've had to give up. One day if I get better I want to study medicine so that I can help other people with this illness.

  • Hi, Brodie, please to meet you.

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