What Is Your Favourite Music Era?

  • What Is Your Favourite Music Era?
    Think about your favourite years.What songs do you love from that era?Which songs make you feel good? List any of your favourites.

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    In theory, 1980s pub rock, but while that's still my favourite music in principle, I find it a bit hard-going to listen to - my brain can find listening to music with vocals is a bit 'jarring', and pub rock itself isn't particularly gentle. 🎸 🥁 🎤

    So I find myself these days listening to a lot of instrumental stuff on Spotify - Poppy Ackroyd and Brian Crain both go well, as does Taylor Davis 🎻 and a bunch of others 🙂

  • Love the 80’s but I also have problems listening to hard, loud music. Country is creeping in due to mellow sounds. Favourite songs/ bands: ABBA, Credence, Tracy Chapman, Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil and Deborah Harry....actually too many to list.

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