Dark mode?

  • Hi I was just wondering if there was a way to make this forum themed or in dark mode? I'm finding my light sensitivity is playing up a bit with the large amount of white.

  • Hi @Dio_Raven, good question. As of now this is the theme which we've gone with. We can certainly talk to the tech guy though. We'll keep our eye on whether it's something that a number of people flag. You are the first so far but we'll definitely pass it on and see if there are any easy options.

  • Thanks so much!

  • @Dio_Raven it would be great to have a dark mode built into the forum but in case that doesn't happen, i thought I should mention that there are browser add-ons that can make web pages have a dark mode for you. I can't remember any specifics right now and I don't know if there are any options that are user-friendly for brain fog, but I've certainly used something like this in the past. If this sounds like it'd be useful I'd be very happy to do some more research into it when I'm out of this current bout of PEM

  • It doesn't look like it's easy from our end @river so we'd massively appreciate any intel about apps or add ons. I think we'd have to change the whole theme and then we might find that other people struggle the other way. It's a hard one. An app to change it case by case would be a great thing to recommend.

  • @river Thanks, will be good for other sites as well. I will look into it!

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