Top streaming picks?

  • For those who can watch a bit of telly: what shows have you watched & enjoyed lately?
    I loved the drama Rectify. It's a few years old but only just came to Stan. Aden Young and the rest of the cast are excellent. I also enjoyed Bump (Aussie dramedy with Claudia Karvan) and It's a Sin.

  • @Muscleburn the oldie but a goodie top pick for me goes to 'Battlestar Galatica' the remake version not the original. I'm consuming a rather embarrassing level of tv escapism right now so could probably give you a recommendation from every genre from trashy to prestige. whatever gets you thru right?

  • @gretch I love Battlestar Gallactica! Have you watched Caprica? it's like a prequel, just 1 season. I also love period dramas so just binged Bridgerton on Netflix

  • @RebeccaNZ thanks for the reminder about Caprica will have to give it a rewatch soon. Also heard there is another Battlestar remake in the works.

  • Hello all ... for those of you who liked Brigerton ....omg such good looking fellows in that show 😍...

    Sanditon it’s great too! It’s on Foxtel as is Belgravia.

    I love all the old time shows...
    Outlander is a favourite of mine
    Ooooo there are soooo many shows!

    I am mostly housebound so I am very thankful I can binge watch tv shows... I have even caught up on many I never watched when I was younger and they have been entertaining too.
    I could go on for ever and my mind has gone a blank now 😀 ya know when you have to start googling Netflix or Stan or Foxtel so you can recall exactly what you are trying to remember ....
    Yep I just did that for the other shows tooo 😀

  • @Tess I loved Bridgerton too...and Belgravia and Sanditon. Definitely a costume drama fan here too.

  • @Coggles77 I’m sure you would have seen Downton Abbey?
    If not, it’s great! Maggie Smith is a superstar in it, actually the whole cast is wonderful.
    Then there is Poldark and Victoria....I like call the midwife to although I do fast forward all the bits where the woman are having their babies!
    Did I mention Outlander.....oh Jamie Frazer 😍
    Miss Fishers murder mysteries is a bit of fun and love the costumes in that too.

  • @gretch I too recently rewatched BSG , so bloody good especially the score, was a bit disappointed with the end but that's true of pretty much every series except Breaking Bad

  • @SteamRoller love Bear Mccreary's work too. Off the top of my head the only ending to a series I can think of that I actually liked was The Americans.

  • @Tess Yep, seen all of those. Have you seen North and South (BBC mini series with Richard Armitage)? One of my all time favourites!

  • @Coggles77 said in Top streaming picks?:

    @Tess Yep, seen all of those. Have you seen North and South (BBC mini series with Richard Armitage)? One of my all time favourites!

    No I have not seen this and the cast looks great! I’ll add it to my list and I will look forward to watching it. Thank you.

  • I started watching Hannah Montana with my sister. We’ve never seen it before, and we’re having a blast: it’s so funny. 😁

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