Life hacks

  • I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we can share tips/hacks we use to make things easier for ourselves. Things like:

    • using a clothes horse so I don't have to lift my arms above my head with the clothesline
    • sit down while brushing teeth
    • organise kitchen/bathroom/bedroom cupboards to have the most used items within easy reach
    • pre-made meals or batch cooking
    • a shower stool

  • Hello Coggles - this is a good idea.

  • @Coggles77 Great idea!
    I’d like to add a couple extra things that may help with bathing/showering:

    • Bathboard (helps me slowly get up out of bath)
    • Bathrobe, slippers and microfibre hair towel to absorb water so not spending energy on towel drying...(you can go and lie down for a rest straight after bathing).
    • Lotion applicator to make applying moisturiser, etc. a lower energy task.
    • Look into hair washing trays or basins and hoses that attach to sink taps if you need assistance to wash your hair.

  • Yay, good idea! I do quite a lot of these things already, except I now have to lie down sometimes when brushing my teeth due to orthostatic intolerance.

    I started a thread that has some overlap with this one, in the Managing Your CFS section of the forum if you want to see what life hacks I use.

  • I make my mind only do 1 task at a time. If I think of more than one while doing another I get too tired and sometimes dizzy.

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